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First Try Flashmob!!!

Posted: Tue 11. Oct 2011, 22:20
by CJsonic
right..hey everybody...
i´m not sure to be right here...but i am planing a flash mob in germany, friedrichshafen.
it should take place
FRIDAY 21.10.11 at 17:00 lcl in the Airports Terminal!

i would like the people to start with a typical freece mob for ca 30sec, exactly at 17:00!!! (put your phone to alarm?)
and than "perform" a macarena dance for ca 60seks, finished by a whistle
the music is gonna start loud enough for people to hear in the terminal ;)
thats all ;)
it´s all supposed to happen in the airport check in terminal of Friedrichshafen at the lake of constance
i just hope this will work out very funny and well...for the vids...i hope to have 2 to 3 cams going...but not sure...maybe u help ;)

solong vaz ;) im hoping that alot o people gonna be there and bring some fun to the place ;)

hey, try and and get the macarena right yeah? :)

Re: First Try Flashmob!!!

Posted: Tue 18. Oct 2011, 17:54
by CJsonic
hey everybody...looks like we´r gonna have to stick to the good old freece action.

so..@ 17:00 everybody please do a 1min total freece...

sorry for the change, but i cant seem to get any macarena going ;(